Corporate – InSite Programme

We have a long history of working with senior staff of multinational companies. These employees are generally provided with strong remuneration packages but have very limited time to review and to plan. Our InSite programme delivers for these staff by providing access, on site in their offices, to our full range of financial planning and tax services.

Employee Benefits

Our pension team have unrivalled experience and expertise in the operation and administration of employee benefit programmes. These include pension schemes, risk schemes and health & Wellbeing programmes. We review existing arrangements, provide consultancy services or, for larger companies in particular, provide corporate trustee services to the staff scheme.

Company Protection

Small and medium sized companies tend to focus on insuring their assets and their “risks” but often don’t insure their key staff or don’t plan for the death of a shareholder. HC provides our corporate clients with expert tax and financial planning advice on how to structure KeyPerson cover and Partner/Directors cover in the most cost efficient and tax efficient way.