Business Consultancy

In order to help your company develop strategically, competitively and profitably HC Financial Advisers have established a business consultancy service. This service is aimed at both emerging and established companies and is designed to offer you insight into all elements of your business development process. We can engage with new companies to assist in the production of business plans, marketing campaigns and funding strategies. For established companies we can help as they set about devising new strategies, reviewing existing processes or solving legacy issues for their business.

We take an all-inclusive, innovative and practical approach to business consultancy, recognising the need to complement and leverage the existing skill-set of the business owners and managers. We recognise the need to add real value without incurring excessive costs. Our services are available and relevant to small, medium and large businesses – indigenous and multi-national.

We provide a full breadth of services including contract CEO, project/programme management and strategic consultancy services and can tailor a solution to meet both you and your company’s individual needs. Furthermore, by combining our size, our client base, our investment expertise and our tax consultancy services; we have the capacity to advise on and manage your corporate fund raising events.